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"These two novellas are a real treat! Loaded with Jan Ellis’ trademark wit, humour and warmth, both stories will pull you into their world and leave you wanting more. It’s not just that Ellis tells a cracking story, it’s that the quality of the writing takes you there in style. I can’t wait to read the rest of her work!"

Fay Jessop, 5* review

"Living the French dream with everything you could ever want and then the world starts to fall apart. The lovely story of lost love and the finding your way back. A delight to read, with hope for the romantic in us all. Jan Ellis brings this to life."

FdotT, 4* review

"Jan Ellis writes with a lightness of touch, and a lot of humour that makes her novels hard to put down. French Kisses is a fun and lovely story about a woman let down badly by her husband, who makes a big new start in her life. I like the hope Jan Ellis writes with, the precision of the prose, and also the humour and irony she brings to a story. Thank you very much for cheering up my November!"

Susan Wilson, 5* review

"[French Kisses] was fun, warm and cosy! The book kept me guessing - which man would she choose? - the love rat ex-husband Michael, the soon to be divorced passionate Frenchman or the academic bearded American professor. Luckily, I won't give away any spoilers, she chose the right man in my opinion. . . This is a fantastic read. I'll definitely be looking out for more books from Jan Ellis."

Rani Shergill, 5* review

"It's a while since I've read anything like this book and it was a breath of fresh air after reading quite a few heavy and dark crime fiction titles."

C. Williams, 4* review

"I loved Kate straight away. In a way she reminded me of my younger self; head strong, determined and a tiny bit stubborn.
   The book flowed so easily and naturally, as Jan's characters always seem to, I felt like I was watching a programme on the television."

MotherinLondon, 5* review

"Wonderfully warm, peopled with sympathetic characters and SO readable. Her up-from-the-country girl isn't dumb - just keen to get to grips with everything London has to offer and make her mark. And she does this with great charm and humour. I loved it and read it in great greedy gulps."

Celia, 5* review

"I dropped into Rachel's life and immediately felt part of it. Easy reading, a love interest - or two, and a great bedtime read.I've had a hectic time with one daughters wedding and a visit from my son who lives in Australia whose girlfriend caught the wedding bouquet. But when darkness set in I opened my Kindle and dropped into France and romance - lovely."

Mrs Christine Human, 4* review

"An excellent, gentle, feel good book by a talented author. I could smell the fresh croissants baking as I read Jan's beautiful prose. Jan shows us, through her main character Rachel, how to glide from despair and insecurity to hope and a future. The writing is subtle and has a wonderful flow which reflects how we all imagine French life to be for ex-pats. I'd love to visit the guesthouse Jan creates. Anyone got the website? Thanks for a great read."

Wayne B. Herbert, 5* review

"I really enjoyed Jan Ellis's second novella, French Kisses! I thought Rachel was great - it's so rare to find such a fun, pragmatic romance heroine. She's fun, breezy, and determined to make her new life work. She has no self-pity and is able to rebuild after her husband leaves her. It was so refreshing to see things from the point of view of a woman who's intelligent and has a good head on her shoulders!"

Addie Carlisle, 5* review

"Awesome!! I loved reading this book! From the very beginning this author grabbed my attention and dint let go until the very end.. I highly recommend this book to everyone! You won't be disappointed..."

Bonnie, 5* review

"A London Affair is very romantic in multiple parts, there is always something that will make you go 'awwwww!'. Well, if you're a slush puppy like me that is. You never know! The story was also such a light and refreshing read, full of good intentions, bad choices and a girl trying to live her dream. What's not to enjoy?"

Kaisha Holloway (The Writing Garnet), 4* review

The stories began life as two ebooks, published by Endeavour Press.

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