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Jan Ellis, writer of romcom and contemporary women's fiction

Psst! Don't tell anyone, but you can find out about the other, sensible me here.


First, a confession: Jan Ellis is a nom-de-plume. Why have I decided not to write in my 'real' name? Well, for one reason Araminta Lovelorn-Pocock is rather long. Okay, that's not my real name either, but you have to admit that less is more when it comes to putting names across book covers.


What I can tell you is that - like two of my heroines - I spent part of my misspent youth wandering around various bits of Europe. Also like them, I love books, art and a nice glass or two of vino. Sadly, unlike Eleanor and Rachel I don't own a bookshop or a bijou guesthouse and I've never encountered a ghost ship, but there's still time. Until then, I'll stick with my day job in the book trade.


Keep up with the gossip by following me on Twitter @JanEllis_writer or Facebook. I look forward to chatting with you there.

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