"Easy to read, and one quickly becomes absorbed in the lives of the characters. Just the right amount of back story, which was skillfully introduced at points where the reader could care about it.
   The author painted a vivid picture of the English countryside - a perfect setting for romance."

S.H. Marchisello, 4* review

"I really raced through this book. Great easy writing style and loved the story line, the warmth of the characters. It's my kind of book and did it in only a few commutes as I read on the train. I highly recommend."

Helen C, 5* review

"I thoroughly enjoyed this book, well written, lovely story line......really pleased I downloaded it onto my kindle and I have recommended it to my sister. Thank you."

June, 5* review

"What more can you ask for in a novel: a book shop, a seaside town, a dash of French countryside, and a wonderful cast of characters. I felt like they were real and I was involved in their lives. A charming book."

Rebecca Raisin, 5* review

Author of the best-selling Gingerbread Cafe series

"If, like me, you like France, humour and a bit of escapism, I wholeheartedly recommend this book to you. I loved the whole adventure of the main character starting a new beginning in her life and found myself chuckling all the way through."

Annick, 5* review

"Jan delivers an enticing story with well-drawn characters and I loved the great mixture of characters featured in this book. We’re brought people of all ages from Eleanor’s likeable son Joe, in his early-twenties, to Eleanor herself who is fifty and then to her mother Connie and kind-of granddad Harold, who is in his eighties. There’s such a lively cast here, with endearing friendships and full-of-heart personalities."

Sophie Hedley, 4.5* review http://www.reviewedthebook.co.uk/

"It's a really fun and entertaining read with lots of interesting characters and possibilities and Eleanor at the centre of all the action and with a really unexpected ending! That's all I am going to say. Loved it and sad it's all come to an end!"

Rani Shergill, 5* review

"Wonderfully written and highly addictive!"

Miss Lucy J. Deakin, 5* review

The stories began life as ebooks, published by Endeavour Press.

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