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“Eleanor is a great character, feisty, funny and full of life and her relationship with Dan, her husband of six months, is beautifully portrayed. Even better, rather than have a stock group of caricatures, she’s surrounded by friends and neighbours who are all vividly described and individual characters. Combemouth sounds like just the kind of place you’d love to take a leisurely holiday and who wouldn’t want to stop at The Reading Room for a cuppa and a quick browse? Written with a good pace, this is smart, funny and occasionally moving and I thoroughly enjoyed it.”

Mark West, 4* review

"The best way that I can describe The Bookshop Detective is a Nancy Drew meets a heavenly coastal set up with intriguing and suddenly suspicious characters. Of course most of the characters aren't actually suspicious, but because there is a history being unfolded I immediately jump to my inner sleuth to find the truth of the mystery.


There was only one problem I had with the book and that was that at some point I had to finish it."
Blooming Fiction, 5* review

"I spent an afternoon devouring this novel and what a treat it was. Jan has created an intriguing cast of characters and I was immediately drawn into their world. I'm just as nosy as Eleanor so I completely understood her urge to uncover the mysteries of Combemouth's history and I enjoyed the twists and turns as she dug deeper to find the truth. I only wish that The Reading Room was real so that I could pay a visit. Warm, funny and very enjoyable."

Annie Peters, 4* review

"The town's people and the mystery really had me gripped and I couldn't put it down. Another little treasure from a fabulously talented author."

Hannah Ward, 5* review

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